"The Look Of A Cowboy' 18X18 SOLD
"One Going Sideways" 18X18
"Two Halves And A Whole" 24X24
"One Olive Out" 24X24
"Rush Hour In SouthWest Colorado" 28X38
"Racing For A Cold One" 14X18
"Touchdown" 38X48
'Sunset On The Res" 24X48
"The Wild Bunch" 17X28
"Eye On The Prize" 14X18
"The Spectator" 15X30
"Joined At The Hips" 14X18
"Slow And Easy" 18X24
"Red, White And Blue" 16X20
"Eyes Of His People" 36X36 SOLD
"Both Hands Full" 8X8 inches
"The Offering" 24X36
"When Cowboys Were King" 12X16
"Moving Day In Southern Colorado" 24X36
"The Vision Seeker" 30X30
'The Gift" 24X36
"Hobbled At High Noon" 16X20
"The Escort" 24X36
"Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Cowboys" 20X24
"You Can Lead A Horse To Water... 15X28
"Jeremy, Duke and Me Riding Home" 16X20
Last One In 12X16
The Smart Ones Are On The Bus 24X36
Summer Breeze 18X30
Running on the Edge 20X30
Death Rides Under a Full Moon 20X24
Not A Good Hair Day 22X28
Tracks to the Greenhorn Mountains 16X20